Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Hidden agenda about Monsanto.

The Hidden agenda about Monsanto  from Hongkongwillie. Its been discovered Hongkongwillie and his supporters have funded secretly many projects the are propaganda. Its the ultra liberal Hollywood crowd,the sinful x rockers of his communistic hippie era . Take a look,Monsanto has done great projects. Most if not all of the info against Monsanto is unfounded. Why would Hongkongwillie an a group unhanded secretly fund ,thousands of unreported moneys. Look at the prices of his crap art. Six figures. Junk art could fit this so well. The dump he live on as a poor slum kid is where he should stay. This Food Prize Will Stop Hongkongwillie

Help stop Main Organizers And Protesters Groups Like Hongkongwillie with his silent movement and underground support. It is from popular groups from Hollywood who support his art. The funds then are funneled to these groups. Propaganda such as this link have a negative impact on Major Growers,Major Horse Operation,and Cattle Operations. Help Stop Hongkongwillie
Read this link what crap he prints.

Monsanto Celebrates World Food Prize
Q&A with Monsanto Chief Technology Officer and World Food Prize Laureate Robert Fraley

Hundreds of people descend on Iowa to celebrate the World Food Prize. There's a special connection to this year's event for Monsanto, as Dr. Robert T. Fraley, Monsanto executive vice president and chief technology officer, will be named a World Food Prize Laureate.

Pioneers of Biotechnology: Celebrating the 2013 World Food Prize Laureates

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